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External Funding Opportunities

Apr16 2021

Request for Letter of Interest: Follow-up survey to measure long-term impact of group-based empowerment models for adolescent girls

The Gender Equality team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is soliciting brief Letters of Interest (“LOI”) (up to 5 pages) from interested partners to conduct a follow-up survey to generate additional longitudinal data on the long-term effects of group-based models that have shown promise in economically empowering adolescent girls. A LOI is requested by April 16, 2021, with finalist(s) notified by May 7, 2021. Full proposal(s) from the selected finalist(s) will be due by June 4, 2021.

Anticipated timeline of grant: 18-24 months.

More details can be found here


Online Submission

Jan22 2021

Women Saving for Resilience Innovation Fund: Innovation Fund

December 03, 2020 – January 22, 2021

The SEEP Network is delighted to launch a challenge fund to support innovations in gender intentional COVID response and recovery efforts related to Savings Groups. SEEP will award four to six 18-month grants, worth a total of $600,000.

The fund will be responsive to promising innovations of diverse types and scope. This may include communications and training materials, program models, policy development, technology, new partnerships, or disruptive collaboration. Activities and interventions the fund might support include: ​

  • Technologies or adaptations in Savings Group methodologies that better meet the needs of women to mitigate the effects of health, economic, and social shocks;
  • Technologies or approaches that enable Savings Groups to effectively adapt to physical distancing requirements; and
  • Partnerships and disruptive collaboration between Savings Groups and market actors (government, civil society and private sector) as part of gender intentional COVID-19 response and recovery efforts.

Successful projects will increase the resilience of Savings Groups and their members in times of crisis by reducing gender gaps and barriers in access to resources and improve the capacity of sector stakeholders to engage them in emergency response efforts.

Proposed interventions must include a strong, practical learning component to document the innovation, track progress, consolidate and assess experience, and communicate results (both internally and externally).

Please visit SEEP’s website for more details.

Opportunities to Write Blogs

Please contact Thomas de Hoop and Sapna Desai if you would like to contribute a blog to the ECWG website.