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On-going Work

Effects of women’s groups on gendered asset ownership in low- and middle-income countries

This systematic review is led by Dr. Thomas De Hoop, at American Institutes for Research and Dr. Amber Peterman, at the University of North Carolina and aims to synthesize evidence on the effects of women’s groups on gendered asset ownership in LMICs. Primary outcomes from selected studies will include forms of natural, physical, livestock and financial assets.

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Integrated economic and health interventions with women’s groups: a mixed methods systematic review of effects on, and enablers and barriers to, health-related knowledge, behaviours and outcomes in low-and middle-income countries

Led by Dr. Sapna Desai of Population Council and Dr. Gary Darmstadt of Stanford University, the study will examine the effects of integrated interventions delivered through women’s groups and aim to identify enablers and barriers to achieving outcomes. We will adopt a mixed-methods approach to examine the theories of change, enablers and barriers associated with achieving health outcomes through women’s groups that integrate economic and health activities.

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