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The ECWG has identified six focus areas for our research and technical assistance in India, Nigeria, and Uganda:

  1. Strengthen the conceptual framing of women’s groups through the development of (a) a meta-framework to guide research, and (b) a working typology to describe and classify women’s groups.
  2. Conduct research on women’s groups’ implementation models through primary research and secondary analyses.
  3. Examine the costs and cost-effectiveness of women’s group interventions implemented at scale, using secondary data and in-depth case studies.
  4. Examine the role and impact of women’s groups in their wider ecosystem—specifically, how they interact with social protection programs—using secondary data.
  5. Conduct evidence syntheses and meta-analyses in policy-relevant areas, such as the effect of women’s groups on asset ownership, the impact of integrated microfinance and health group interventions, and country-specific evidence syntheses in Uganda and Nigeria.
  6. Improve measurement in research on women’s groups by producing guidance on measuring women’s empowerment, costs and cost-effectiveness, and health outcomes.

Download Learning Agenda (full version | summary version )