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The ECWG participates in events, conferences, and meetings around the world with an interest in women’s groups, collective action, and economic development. You can keep up with all upcoming events and conferences here. 

Mar10 2020

SG2020: The Future of Savings Groups

Indefinitely Postponed

March 10, 2020 – March 12, 2020

Dr. Garima Siwach and Dr. Thomas de Hoop of the ECWG will present in workshops on estimating the costs and cost-effectiveness of savings groups and measuring women’s empowerment and economic outcomes during the Future of Savings Groups Conference in Durban, South Africa

Durban, South Africa

Nov6 2019

Delhi Evidence Week

November 6, 2019

Dr. Thomas de Hoop of the ECWG participated in a panel on the measurement of women’s empowerment during Delhi Evidence week.

New Delhi, India

Oct21 2019

Small Enterprise Evaluation Project (SEEP) Annual Conference

October 21, 2019 – October 23, 2019

At a lunch-time session, Sybil Chidiac and Dr. Yamini Atmavilas of the Gates foundation presented its women’s empowerment collectives strategy, and Dr. Thomas de Hoop from ECWG shared its objectives and learning agenda based on evidence-gaps.

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Arlington, Virginia, U.S.

Oct17 2019

What Works Global Summit

October 17, 2019

During a panel, Shubha Jayaram of the Gates Foundation, and Dr. Thomas de Hoop and Dr. Sapna Desai of the ECWG presented a preliminary cost-effectiveness analysis of the Jeevika program in Bihar and a systematic review on women’s groups and health outcomes in South Asia.

Mexico City, Mexico